If this is your first time in therapy, I applaud you. It can be so hard to be vulnerable and enter into the unknown. The process is unique to each client but generally begins with a 90 minute intake where I will get to know you better and we will create a plan for treatment. From there it is a weekly meeting for 50 minutes where we will explore your goals through evidence based interventions.

We specialize in working with teens and adults with a history of unhealthy relationships, abuse in childhood or adulthood, trauma, anxiety, depression and intersecting diagnosis. we use a variety of therapeutic techniques to work with clients to strengthen their resiliency, and process the memories to live freely. Our practice centers the experiences of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. We support clients of all identities and take the time to get to know you before making any assumptions. Many of our clients are looking for someone who understands them, who doesn’t judge and gives them practical tools to heal.

We work with clients of all backgrounds, and that does not necessarily mean they are experiencing the effects of trauma. We believe that ACT, EMDR, and Somatic therapy can benefit anyone looking for support. Clients who are experiencing Anxiety disorders, Depression, ADHD, PTSD, and are looking for support in their relationships all have benefited from our work together. It may be toxic family dynamics, healing from abusive relationships, or navigating a new career/life change, you can learn the skills that will help support you.

Some of our providers accept Cigna. Currently Rebecca, Monica, and Samantha accept Cigna in network. Trissa is out of network with Cigna. We can help you bill your out of network benefits with other insurers like United, Aetna, and BCBS. When you set up your consult ask your therapist about out of network billing to learn more!

We take every precaution to protect and secure client data. Psychotherapy notes are written after sessions with intention to ensure privacy for the client above all. We value honesty and transparency and we will spend time during the intake process to make sure you are informed.

As a therapist we are sometimes told we should be a blank slate. We believe that can be harmful in so many ways especially in building authentic connections. Sessions are client focused and we do not center ourselves. However we may share personal stories and experiences on social media, through our blog, and on our podcast. We find it helps to know who you are working with and acknowledging we are also am a human. You can always ask us questions and we will do our best to answer authentically and honestly.