New Year Reflections: Out with The Toxic Positivity, in with Authenticity.

October 25, 2023

Get Ready;
The end of the year brings with it about a million posts, reels, and tiktoks spilling out harmful and toxic rhetoric about renewal, starting over, or new year resolutions. These posts may have you questioning, am I enough? They are designed to make you feel small, broken and in need of change. This might be triggering and hard to ignore. I want to remind you that you are enough right now.

Toxic positivity can make us feel like we have to put on a false face and pretend to be happy all the time, even when we aren’t. Instead, be honest with yourself and with others. You may need to give yourself extra self compassion around this time of year. Recognize and accept your feelings, even if they aren’t always positive. Honor your emotions and take the time to process them in a healthy way. Open yourself up to being vulnerable and authentic which will help you to create deeper connections with those around you.

Remember it takes time to reach your goals and that aligning to your value system will bring you more fulfillment than any “30 day cleanse will”. I offer honest and authentic therapy services to individuals in Florida, if you are looking for support click here to schedule a consultation call or your first appointment.


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