Practicing Mindfulness When you Hate Meditation.

October 25, 2023

Read this before you write off mindfulness.

Meditation, mindfulness, grounding; if you groan as you read those words you are not alone. Many of my clients share that “Mindfulness doesn’t work for me” or “I’ve tried it and it makes things worse” when I inevitable suggest we try some mindfulness. Ive even started coming up with new names for it like a “pause moment”, or “time to reflect”.

Many people struggle with mindfulness because in our society we are taught to keep going. The faster we go the quicker we will get there. But we rarely ever stop to ask, where are we going? We find ourselves 20 years in the future in a job we hate with more responsibilities than ever before and we feel stuck.

Mindfulness (Or momentary pauses if that feels better for you) can help us get unstuck, and realign us to what matters. The best part about it is it can be unique to you. Take a moment to think about what makes you smile. Maybe its the sound of your child laughing, or the gentle put of your cat on your lap after a long day. Maybe it’s listening to the new Lizzo song and dancing along at the gym. The next time an opportunity presents itself to smile take a moment to do these few steps.

  1. Recognize this is a mindful moment

    Stay aware to the things that mean something to you so you can fully embrace them.

  2. Try to slow down the moment

    Take a deep breath, and try to slow down the moment like its a movie and they are trying to capture every second of the scene. Notice how you feel in your body. Notice every detail of what is going on around you, sink into the sounds, smells, tastes, and sights. Approach the moment like you have never experienced it before, with all the curiosity and wonder of why it leaves such an impact on you.

  3. Create space to foster more of these moments throughout your day.

    As you start to slow down these moments you will start to hold deeper meaning for them, thus noticing opportunities to encourage laughter, or pause to make eye contact with your loved one and soak in the moment.

You may never be one to sit still in silence for an hour and clear your mind like a monk, or listen to a meditation while the day passes around you, but if you put these three steps into practice you will find yourself more attuned to what matters to you. A more present mind, a more connected body, and more authentic self.


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